Andre Norman Helps Young People Turn Their Lives Around

Andre Norman's Story

His Past

Andre had a rough upbringing with an abusive father.
The destructive choices he made as an adolescent resulted in his arrest and imprisonment.
In solitary confinement, a light turned on for Andre.

He made the decision to change his fate. With a new mindset, he served a 14-year sentence, earned parole, and from that moment on Andre has never looked back.

His Mission

Andre’s mission is simple – to motivate others to make a change.

Through sharing his life experiences, Andre’s goal is to empower those with a desire to make a change.

Andre teaches with passion how to use the power of focus and the power of communication to project strength rather than weakness. He shows young people how to embrace themselves and understand their faults in order to overcome the hurdles in their lives.

Engage life with a new sense of purpose and drive, Andre can be your guide to create the steps for putting your life on the path you seek.

Andre Norman Speaking to inmates at St.Louis


Andre Norman Speaking at a Harvard Event

Andre has lectured at Harvard University, including the School of Law, the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and the Harvard Divinity School.

He has been a featured speaker at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies.

What others are saying about Andre Norman

Many organizations have experienced the power of Andre Norman's programs to help youth rise above adversity

Boys and Girls Club

“The experience and expertise of Andre Norman is unparalleled in reaching youth that has all but given up hope for their futures. Anyone who knows troubled youth should point them to Andre Norman.”

Rotary Club

“Andre Norman is a master at leveraging the power of Associations to have positive impacts on the lives of young people as well as their communities. He is an extremely important figure in the project of empowering our next generation’s future.”

Harvard University

“Andre Norman’s personal history and subsequent commitment to improving the lives of others is a testament to the power of positive focus and achievement in the lives of an individual. Anyone who wants to bring the power of transformation into their lives should hear him speak on the matter.”

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