Harvard Law School Fellowship Recipient: Andre Norman

Charles Hamilton Houston Institute For Race & Justice

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Andre includes volunteer days with all speeches. He will spend one to three days visiting local charities and agencies on your behalf at no additional charge.

About Andre Norman

Known to many as The Ambassador Of Hope, Andre’s experience and expertise is what empowers him to help people turn their situation around. Andre travels around the world to serve as a mentor and listening ear for so many in need. He has made an impact working in the countries of Honduras, Bahamas, Sweden, Guatemala, Liberia & Trinidad. With inclusion being the center of his solution based efforts.

From illiteracy to gang activity, Andre’s childhood prepared him for nothing less than a life of crime and violence. This behavior eventually led Andre to be sentenced to over 100 years in prison. A natural-born leader, he quickly rose to the top of the prison gang where he managed gang activities from within the confines of a maximum security prison. During his 2 year stay in solitary confinement. Andre had an “epiphany” and he made the decision to turn his life around. He had a simple dream, attend Harvard University and become successful.

Over the next 8 years Andre worked 20 hours per day towards making this dream a reality. First teaching himself to read, then studying the law and without question participating in anger management groups. Winning his appeal and armed with a GED and a dream, Andre walked out of prison in 1999, having served 14 years. Having been exposed to both sides of the fence, Andre pulled from his life experiences and created 180x, a program designed to teach individuals and corporations how to turn any situation around. Having survived rock bottom, Andre knew he could help others do the same.

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