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United Nations
Interregional Crime and Justice
Research Institute

Turin, 11 May 2020

Dear Academy of Hope Mentors,

The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice research (UNICRI), works actively to achieve the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, principally, we are engaged in implementing projects in many different continents. A very relevant part of our work in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice has been focused on rehabilitation and reintegration of violent extremist offenders, as well as on promoting the use of alternatives and diversion measures for juveniles allegedly involved in serious criminal offences.

We had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Andre Norman and hear about the great work that you are doing at the Academy of Hope, including in support of the SDGs. In view of your hands-on experience, realizing that interventions differ in view of the different contexts, we would be grateful to hear more about the good practices that you can share with us. We believe that they could be extremely useful and adapted to different contexts, and thus would like to take your extremely valuable experience into consideration when developing future programmes to support rehabilitation in prisons and youth disengagement from gang activities or violent extremist groups.

Thank you very much in advance and keep up the good work.

Yours Sincerely
Manuela Brunero, Duccio Mazarese, Chiara Bologna
UNICRI Programme Officers

United Nations
Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
Viale Maestri del Lavoro, 10 – 10127 Turin. Italy
Telephone: (+39) 011 653 71 11 – Telefax: (+39) 011 631 33 68
E-Mail: unieri.publicinfodun.org – Website: www.unicri.it

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